Interview with Astrid Aafjes

This month we talk to Astrid Aafjes, the Dutch woman making a serious impact leading initiatives in gender and human rights around the world. Currently based in Spain, Astrid has brought her background in international development to the digital nomad world, running a women-focused community Downtown Offices for entrepreneurs in Barcelona,  launching WeSpark, a global platform for women in the … Read More

Is buying a house a better investment than the stock market?

We did the math, and the answer is clear. Owning real estate is often the biggest financial commitment someone will make while investing in stocks is generally a key component of building wealth. Using data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Yahoo Finance, we compared housing prices and stock prices over the past couple of decades. In that time, stocks have clearly had … Read More

The couple who pioneered into the CBD market in the digital age

Meet Larry and Oksana – the couple who pioneered into the CBD market in the digital age, founded their website SOL✿CBD, and built a digital nomad lifestyle based out of Medellin, Colombia. They’ve found the balance between calling someplace home, all while traveling to 40+ countries over the last few years. What started with an idea and fears regarding nances … Read More

Melissa DiVietri – the global entrepreneur and social media maven

Meet Melissa DiVietri, the global entrepreneur and social media maven who is making her mark on the industry. This month we connect with Melissa Divetri, founder of DI Designs Studio, who is taking the world by storm with her top-of-the-line with her social media services reaching a combined network of 2 million worldwide. “Social media is always changing. The industry is … Read More

PROFILE OF A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR – Interview with Aubree Sorteberg

Aubree Sorteberg is the founder and owner of RumiSol Yoga Studio & Store (est. 2016) where she has opened the door for accessibility, acceptance, and diversity for the yoga market in Cuenca, Ecuador. When Aubree moved to Ecuador, her dream to experience life quickly transformed into a small business making a large impact in the community. RumiSol Yoga is a … Read More

My place in the world, at this moment – article by Kelly Mitchell

I used to think that I had everything figured out. What I wanted from life, who I wanted to be. I had always daydreamed about working abroad and traveling the world. But, unbeknownst to me, I was romanticizing a vision of a glamorous life abroad without really having a clue. I am proud to say that today, while I still … Read More

Interview with Darren & Mike – guys who are changing the online coaching biz!

This week we take inspiration and advice from two guys who are changing the online coaching biz by prioritizing human connection in the digital age. This dynamic duo helps people around the world break the norm and take the steps to running a successful online business. While their methodology is online, their hearts and passions are at the forefront, sending … Read More


“Quitting your 9-5 and becoming a digital nomad where you can make money virtually anywhere doesn’t have to be a terrifying and seemingly impossible experience”, says Luis Nava, a digital nomad and traveler from Central Oregon, United States, documenting his trips around the world and sharing the tips on his travel blog called Nomadic Nava. “I’m not going to say … Read More

Ph.D. in Environmental Science turned Chocolatier combines world travel with a sustainable local business

What does it mean to be a citizen of the world? For some of us, it is the feeling of connectedness to many places around the globe. For others, it is the act of solidarity in supporting humankind, or the urge to see as much as we can see. Many of us feel this calling – this deep feeling to … Read More


This week we take inspiration and advice from Stefan James who is the founder of Project Life Mastery, impacting the lives of 1 million viewers and clients per month. He has certainly cracked the wealth code. Stefan shares these 5 life-changing ideas that have guided his career and could help us all become more successful and healthy wealthy backpackers. 1. … Read More