The couple who pioneered into the CBD market in the digital age

Meet Larry and Oksana – the couple who pioneered into the CBD market in the digital age, founded their website SOL✿CBD, and built a digital nomad lifestyle based out of Medellin, Colombia.

They’ve found the balance between calling someplace home, all while traveling to 40+ countries over the last few years.

What started with an idea and fears regarding nances and business sustainability blossomed into SOL✿CBD, the Ostrovsky’s website which is helping others and their optimal health through the power of the nutritional agent CBD. Once they found their niche to help others, this couple realized: “now it’s time to work on something for us.”

Medellin quickly became their dream home base. The couple found themselves saying “I can rent this place for how much? Are you kidding?”. On the hunt for making an investment, Colombia was the right choice. The low cost of living combined with the high quality of what you can get there was complemented by the friendly people, a kind and hospitable community, amazing food, and perfect weather, including the lack of mosquitos due to high elevation.


While Larry and Oksana call Medellin “home”, they’ve also found a travel pattern that feeds on their curiosity to see the world. Spanning across South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, this couple has found their groove “unplugging” and then plugging back in by balancing their travels between urban cities and more relaxed destinations in nature. “I don’t see us stopping traveling it’s just so amazing. Because the brain loves entropy and habit, the more you throw yourself out of that, the better it is for your mind, and you need to change the known from time to time,” the couple shares.

Though bouncing around has satisfied their sense for adventure, the couple is ready to slow down their pace and make the travel lifestyle more sustainable by staying in destinations 2 3 months at a time.

Aside from making this digital nomad lifestyle a reality, Larry and Oksana found work that is fulfilling and gives them the opportunity to contribute to a better world. The couple comments, “It feels really good to be sharing something that genuinely helps people and turns them around so much. CBD is an incredibly powerful nutritional agent, and helps to alleviate stressors that are going on in our world.”

After 10 years in the industry, this couple has built trust with their customers and in the market, collaborating with organic farmers in Colorado to bring only the highest quality product to society.

How do they make the business work? The journey to a digital lifestyle has been full of lessons learned. They’ve put in the work, and now this couple is impacting abundant lives through their business. They’ve learned how to manage a team of 8, all in different countries and time zones, and have put task delegation and outsourcing to strategic use. Why work an 8-hour day when your productivity levels can prove you more effective in 2-4 hour work sessions?


Larry and Oksana found their key to living a full life: balance. Balance between Colombia and abroad. Balance between doing business and helping others. And, as the couple reminds us, a balance between taking care of your body and your mind, all while having fun.