PROFILE OF A SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEUR – Interview with Aubree Sorteberg

Aubree Sorteberg is the founder and owner of RumiSol Yoga Studio & Store (est. 2016) where she has opened the door for accessibility, acceptance, and diversity for the yoga market in Cuenca, Ecuador.

When Aubree moved to Ecuador, her dream to experience life quickly transformed into a small business making a large impact in the community. RumiSol Yoga is a studio and store in Cuenca, Ecuador. Here, Aubree and her team rode a bit of a roller coaster in order to to build an integrated community and share their practice with a growing population of yogis.


As an expat abroad, Aubree found it important to dig deep and discover how she could best serve her community. After 2 years living in the country, she asked herself: “How can I contribute? What do I feel like I can share?” Her love for teaching and sharing knowledge led her to host private yoga classes for Cuenca’s retired expat population. The seed was planted and continued to grow, evolving into RumiSol Yoga where Ecuadorians, expats, and travelers come together for affordable ($2-$4) yoga classes and holistic workshops in English and Spanish.

As a small business owner, Aubree has been able to fulfill her goal of being her own boss and living a balanced life. She reminds us, “We all deserve to be able to go home and cook ourselves lunch.” Entrepreneurship in Ecuador has given her an opportunity to find a groove in her lifestyle where she can work and have a social life.

On top of that, Aubree has a newfound sense of freedom and creativity as a business owner – “I’ve found that if we can dream it, we can actually do it. It’s exhausting, but its the most exciting thing I’ve done.”

RumiSol Yoga is an outlet where Aubree can give back to the community through sharing the practice and principles of yoga, and by providing healthy lifestyle products at the only yoga store in the city. She shares, “Yoga gets this stigma where people think ‘I have to be young, flexible, and beautiful’ – But really you need yoga the most when you’re not feeling young, and when you’re not feeling beautiful.”

Her advice for opening a business in Ecuador? “Be patient, cover your bases, and expect to spend more time than you would like on things like banking, or business registration. Plan to be on the ground at least 5 years, and if you do things right, your business will be sellable at the end.”

Whether you’re a business owner or dreaming to be your own boss, Aubree’s words can resonate for us all: “Always ask yourself, does what I’m doing right now align with my vision? If it doesn’t, get rid of it.”