Melissa DiVietri – the global entrepreneur and social media maven

Meet Melissa DiVietri, the global entrepreneur and social media maven who is making her mark on the industry.

This month we connect with Melissa Divetri, founder of DI Designs Studio, who is taking the world by storm with her top-of-the-line with her social media services reaching a combined network of 2 million worldwide.

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“Social media is always changing. The industry is up and down. You have to be ready to learn and you have to wanna learn what your customers want,” Melissa shares. Starting out, Melissa would offer complimentary services to build her portfolio. She’s gotten to the point where she targets brands that she likes and build relationships with companies and causes that she truly cares about.

How does this global entrepreneur run her business? With her team in 9 different time zones, time management and strategic preparation have become priorities in her daily operations. Though she may be solo, she can record a ten-minute demo for her team to watch and know what to do, despite the time difference.

Melissa’s global lifestyle thrives despite her disability which keeps her mobile on crutches. “I’m constantly surrounded by language and culture and people. I’m not always working. I will leave my computer and my phone wherever I’m staying, lock it up, and then I will go out just to get the experience.”

Though she travels regularly, Melissa also calls Colombia home. Her main draw to the country was the inspirational mountains where her work vibe meshes well with the calm environment. When it comes to life in Colombia, Melissa gives us some stellar pointers: be intuitive, befriend locals, and that its worth it to pay for a better experience and safety.

Her final piece of advice? “You have to be open-minded to letting people guide you when you’re traveling, ’cause it just makes you a better person and then people will be attracted to work with you.”