“Cracking The Wealth Code” – monthly podcast, September 2017

New to the world of investing? Looking for answers on how to build your personal wealth? You’re in the right place! The Wealthy Backpacker is excited to introduce CRACKING THE WEALTH CODE, the monthly podcast where our investment experts tackle those basic questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Here’s a sample from our latest podcast where Jon Ward interviews AJ … Read More

Why not ride the rising tides of the cryptocurrency craze?

We are living in some exciting times right now in the crypto space. With Bitcoin rising to $6000 USD, current crypto market became worth 182 billion dollars, with Bitcoin composing over 58% of the total market cap, new services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex and Poloneix), Bitcoin forking into new altcoins – the list is long! … Read More

The Rise, Fall and Transformation of the Movie Industry

Reed Hastings was pissed off when he went to Blockbuster to return the rental DVD, “Apollo 13”, only to find out that he would be charged $40 in late fees. After this experience, he was determined to disrupt the movie rental business, and this eventually led to the creation of Netflix. As you see, a $40 late fee is not … Read More

From Clay and Cattle…. to Plastic and Virtual

Read how an embarrassing situation led to one of the most powerful innovations in the history of money. It’s all in our Fast Track Fortunes Investments Bulletin. “Today, according to ABC News, more than 75% of Americans own at least one credit card, and in 2012, there were a total of 26.2 billion credit card transactions in the US alone,” the Bulletin reports.  See how … Read More


Prohibition, bootleggers and the future of cannabis industry… A heady mixture with a huge potential upside, as you’ll discover in our latest Safe & Secure Investments bulletin. “Today’s illegal products become tomorrow’s big business,” writes our editor-in-chief AJ Harvey.  The Bulletin goes on to show why cannabis legalization is inevitable and how, as an investor, you can pick the likely … Read More

The Digital Republik

Beyond a breakthrough product, beyond a unique business opportunity, The Wealthy Backpacker stands for a vision of individual freedom, connected communities and financial mobility for all. Wade and AJ are quite specific about what this means: empowering a million individuals to achieve total financial mobility while creating 100 new millionaires. The vision is captured in a concept that they have … Read More


Life as comfy as it is now. In safe and beautiful surroundings. For half the cost or less. Sounds like a dream? Did you know you can live that dream? But don’t rush, first things first. We are not promoting the idea that you should pack your suitcase and emigrate tomorrow. The Wealthy Backpacker approach is designed to be easy … Read More


Wade and AJ visited a lot of countries and met lots of different people. You know what they also noticed? Struggle. And a quiet desperation. “The individual has lost true prosperity. Today both partners must work to support the family. That wouldn’t have existed before. If you look at how many man-hours have been put into the system versus what … Read More


Right people, right place, right time. Do you believe in that? We do. As that’s exactly what happened to Wade Lightheart and AJ Harvey. Two unlikely friends from vastly different backgrounds who met on their travels around the globe, each pursuing a life of boundless mobility. And also a vision to share this pursuit with thousands of people. Together, they … Read More


Have you ever dreamed of settling down, buying a house, car and getting married? Being able to put your kids in a private school and having enough money to book all inclusive holiday at least once a year? Those dreams are very realistic, that’s true, but to be honest — not really inspiring… You might ask why? The answer is … Read More