The couple who pioneered into the CBD market in the digital age

Meet Larry and Oksana – the couple who pioneered into the CBD market in the digital age, founded their website SOL✿CBD, and built a digital nomad lifestyle based out of Medellin, Colombia. They’ve found the balance between calling someplace home, all while traveling to 40+ countries over the last few years. What started with an idea and fears regarding nances … Read More

Interview with Darren & Mike – guys who are changing the online coaching biz!

This week we take inspiration and advice from two guys who are changing the online coaching biz by prioritizing human connection in the digital age. This dynamic duo helps people around the world break the norm and take the steps to running a successful online business. While their methodology is online, their hearts and passions are at the forefront, sending … Read More


This month we chat with Steve Munroe, who after living in Bali, Indonesia, for years fulfilled a need in the community by opening Hubud, one of Bali’s first coworking spaces. At the time of Hubud’s launch, coworking spaces were a foreign language in Bali, though now, 5 years later, Hubud serves as a hub for transient and permanent digital nomads … Read More


This month we talk with Jeremiah Rygh about life transitions and what it means to become a digital nomad – body, mind, and spirit. Making such a drastic change in life is scary and downright stressful, but Jeremiah gives us some great pointers in how to make a life transition. Taking that a step further, he has even started a … Read More


POWERFUL POLITICALLY STABLE PARADISE Perfect For Investors and Online Entrepreneurs Have you ever felt restricted, restrained, impeded or bored? Perhaps you would be interested in expanding your possibilities by trading in those words and feelings for adventure, curiosity, excitement, and wealth. If so, you might consider what many online entrepreneurs have done – set up businesses and even residency in … Read More

Serial Online Entrepreneur Reveals How to Grow Your Online Business

Last week Wade interviewed Matt Gallant – a serial online entrepreneur who’s built 13 successful online businesses. Matt is also a Copywriter and Digital Entrepreneur based in Panama – one of the best hubs in the world for expats and digital entrepreneurs. He made the jump to Panama open-minded and financially secure with 4 companies. He told us, “I just had a calling … Read More

The Wealthy Backpacker – TESTIMONIALS

JAN NEKOLNY Thanks to The Wealthy Backpacker investment Bulletins, I am becoming a more confident and astute investor. From September 2017 to end of 2017, I was able to achieve a fantastic 72% personal rate of return on my stocks and sophisticated options portfolio. This is not including my success with investing in cryptocurrencies. I love the fact that I … Read More

10 Things Nobody Told Me About Becoming a Digital Nomad

by Vaida Deikaite It’s the year 2015. They have their private Facebook groups, use terminology I’m not familiar with, and post pictures with hashtags “laptopliving” and “conquertheworld.” Many are able to pack their belongings in less than 30 minutes. Some can be heard comparing the prices of beer from Hanoi to Chiang Mai and Medellin. They know how to get on a … Read More

Launch Pad For The Laptop Lifestyle

by Wade T. Lightheart CEO – The Wealthy Backpacker It was a cold November afternoon in Toronto, Canada, when my business partner Matt and I boarded a plane for Panama City, Panama. The year was 2004. The last 18 months had been an exciting rocket ride. Our online marketing business, which we started with less than 500 bucks, had transformed … Read More

Our CEO Wade interviewed by Xavier Katana from The Human Xperience Podcast

Have you ever watched or listened to an interview that really made a difference in your life? (Personally, we love interviews!). Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Cal Fussman, Larry King – these guys are amazing interviewers! Which leads us to a great news – recently our CEO Wade T. Lightheart had a privilege of being interviewed by Xavier Katana from The … Read More