Is buying a house a better investment than the stock market?

We did the math, and the answer is clear. Owning real estate is often the biggest financial commitment someone will make while investing in stocks is generally a key component of building wealth. Using data from the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Yahoo Finance, we compared housing prices and stock prices over the past couple of decades. In that time, stocks have clearly had … Read More

Why not ride the rising tides of the cryptocurrency craze?

We are living in some exciting times right now in the crypto space. With Bitcoin rising to $6000 USD, current crypto market became worth 182 billion dollars, with Bitcoin composing over 58% of the total market cap, new services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex and Poloneix), Bitcoin forking into new altcoins – the list is long! … Read More

The Rise, Fall and Transformation of the Movie Industry

Reed Hastings was pissed off when he went to Blockbuster to return the rental DVD, “Apollo 13”, only to find out that he would be charged $40 in late fees. After this experience, he was determined to disrupt the movie rental business, and this eventually led to the creation of Netflix. As you see, a $40 late fee is not … Read More

From Clay and Cattle…. to Plastic and Virtual

Read how an embarrassing situation led to one of the most powerful innovations in the history of money. It’s all in our Fast Track Fortunes Investments Bulletin. “Today, according to ABC News, more than 75% of Americans own at least one credit card, and in 2012, there were a total of 26.2 billion credit card transactions in the US alone,” the Bulletin reports.  See how … Read More


Prohibition, bootleggers and the future of cannabis industry… A heady mixture with a huge potential upside, as you’ll discover in our latest Safe & Secure Investments bulletin. “Today’s illegal products become tomorrow’s big business,” writes our editor-in-chief AJ Harvey.  The Bulletin goes on to show why cannabis legalization is inevitable and how, as an investor, you can pick the likely … Read More