This week we take inspiration and advice from Stefan James who is the founder of Project Life Mastery, impacting the lives of 1 million viewers and clients per month. He has certainly cracked the wealth code. Stefan shares these 5 life-changing ideas that have guided his career and could help us all become more successful and healthy wealthy backpackers. 1. … Read More

World Renowned Financial Wizard Spills the Beans on Building and Preserving Wealth

Garrett Gunderson is a radical, he’s controversial, and he’s hated by the financial services industry. He can also help you make, and keep more money than you can imagine. We’re taught many things by our family and through the formal education system. Learning to create wealth, however, is very rarely on the curriculum list. Gunderson is changing that. He has … Read More

“Cracking The Wealth Code” – monthly podcast, September 2017

New to the world of investing? Looking for answers on how to build your personal wealth? You’re in the right place! The Wealthy Backpacker is excited to introduce CRACKING THE WEALTH CODE, the monthly podcast where our investment experts tackle those basic questions you’ve always wanted to ask. Here’s a sample from our latest podcast where Jon Ward interviews AJ … Read More