This month we talk with Jeremiah Rygh about life transitions and what it means to become a digital nomad – body, mind, and spirit. Making such a drastic change in life is scary and downright stressful, but Jeremiah gives us some great pointers in how to make a life transition. Taking that a step further, he has even started a company – Vybrant Life – that helps and encourages others to make that jump.

Jeremiah worked hard to make a life change, following a true inner calling in order to find more fulfillment and really “find my passions.” While the process is not easy, it is a rewarding one which brings you in touch with your inner self.

How does one know when their time has come to make the jump? Jeremiah explains, “for me, it really took a breaking point. And I think that’s key for everybody. Everybody to make a really big shift in their life, especially that’s going to put them in a situation that has risks, they’re going to need to break through that.” Meditation, going to workshops, journaling, yoga, and exercise are all great tactics that anyone can use to guide them along the way. But first, Jeremiah tells us, you must give yourself permission to let go.

Permission: “That’s the key, key principle to almost anything you want to change in your life. Are you willing to give yourself permission to finally do this?“.

Now, it’s time to take the jump!

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