10 Things Nobody Told Me About Becoming a Digital Nomad

by Vaida Deikaite

It’s the year 2015. They have their private Facebook groups, use terminology I’m not familiar with, and post pictures with hashtags “laptopliving” and “conquertheworld.” Many are able to pack their belongings in less than 30 minutes. Some can be heard comparing the prices of beer from Hanoi to Chiang Mai and Medellin. They know how to get on a VPN in Asia and where to find the fastest internet for Zoom calls. You’d think they were CIA agents. But no. They call themselves digital nomads.

Two years later, sipping my coffee in Hoi An, Vietnam, I find it easy to discuss the best co-working spaces with my new friends from Holland and France. I wake-up regularly for 5 a.m. business calls, and I’m always paying attention to international time zones. Now, I’m one of “them.” I am a digital nomad, or as I prefer to call myself, a wealthy backpacker.

I still enjoy posting photos from the beach, and telling people that I’m blessed – my life truly is wonderful. But there are few things I wish I would’ve considered a few years ago before quitting my job and packing a suitcase.

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