Our CEO Wade interviewed by Xavier Katana from The Human Xperience Podcast

Have you ever watched or listened to an interview that really made a difference in your life? (Personally, we love interviews!). Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan, Cal Fussman, Larry King – these guys are amazing interviewers!

Which leads us to a great news – recently our CEO Wade T. Lightheart had a privilege of being interviewed by Xavier Katana from The Human Experience Podcast.

If you know Wade yourself, you are aware what diverse background he has (bodybuilder, Yogi, vegetarian, nutritionist fitness coach, online entrepreneur, public speaker, personal trainer, bartender and a doorman among other things). What we found interesting –  Xavier had a way of asking really great questions without trying to put him into any category which so many people do.

Curious to listen yourself? Here you are!


Wade shares his insights on how he ended building an online business, traveling the world, and having an amazing array of experiences.

And you can do the same! Kick the cubicle to the curb, reclaim your personal autonomy and set course for a life of fun, freedom and financial mobility.

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