Why not ride the rising tides of the cryptocurrency craze?

We are living in some exciting times right now in the crypto space. With Bitcoin rising to $6000 USD, current crypto market became worth 182 billion dollars, with Bitcoin composing over 58% of the total market cap, new services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem (exchanges such as Coinbase, Bittrex and Poloneix), Bitcoin forking into new altcoins – the list is long!

So this month we want to introduce you to one of the world’s most respected authorities on Cryptocurrency. He goes by the name Cryptobud and he’s going to share with you his expert insight over this exciting investment class called cryptocurrencies.

Are we facing one of the largest wealth transfers in history? Or shall we remain sceptical? First of all, in order to understand blockchain technology you have to understand the history behind bitcoin.

Historical overview, analysis, reputable exchange suggestions for buying bitcoins and much more you can find in our latest The Wealthy Backpacker Investment Bulletin!

To quote the article: “If you can imagine a world where you no longer have to ask permission to run a software program, or worry that someone will shut you down because of your political views then this world is for you”.

It has no boundaries or restrictions but only free flowing ideas that come from the mind of those who develop the software.

We are in the midst of the one largest wealth transfers in history. Had you invested in Bitcoins at the start of this year, you would have outperformed every single asset class such as equities, real estate and even gold. And it’s still not too late to jump on that train now!

Curious how to do that? Then our new Investment Bulletin, Special Cryptocurrency edition #1, is not to be missed!

To your freedom and prosperity! The Wealthy Backpacker Team

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