Prohibition, bootleggers and the future of cannabis industry… A heady mixture with a huge potential upside, as you’ll discover in our latest Safe & Secure Investments bulletin. “Today’s illegal products become tomorrow’s big business,” writes our editor-in-chief AJ Harvey.  The Bulletin goes on to show why cannabis legalization is inevitable and how, as an investor, you can pick the likely winners.

For the USA, the “roaring twenties” was a period of sustained economic prosperity following the first World War.  It was an era of cultural and artistic dynamism in which the popularity of jazz and the “flapper” generation redefined the American social scene. Needless to say, all this fun needed plenty of alcoholic lubrication!

But there was a snag. The 20s were also the time of Prohibition when the production and sale of alcoholic beverages were made illegal. Needless to say, where demand exists, supply will find a way to meet it, whether from legal or illicit sources.

Famously, the Mafia flourished during Prohibition. At the same time, America’s drugstores became highly profitable, because they alone were permitted to sell “medicinal alcohol.” 


That same iron law of supply and demand holds true today, and it applies to cannabis, for which there is an ever-growing and unstoppable demand.

You may recognize the name of Mark Scott Emery, the so called “Prince of Pot,” who was subject to  one of the most notorious cannabis prosecutions the world has seen. After his extradition from Canada to the United States in 2010, he was sentenced to five years in prison. His case sparked so much public interest, outrage, and political discussion, it triggered the beginning of cannabis legalization in North America.

Seven years later, the majority of the U.S. population sees pot as significantly less harmful than alcohol. Food for thought…

Whatever your position in the cannabis debate, some facts are stubborn. As AJ notes: “Human behavior can often be predicted, especially when it comes to the basic desire so many people have to consume mind-altering substances.”

Objectively speaking, the future of the cannabis industry in the US, and worldwide, appears remarkably positive. The wise investor will be looking to cash in on this coming growth, while spreading risk in an environment of many unknowns.

In our newest Safe & Secure Investments bulletin you will find all this covered in depth, with a full analysis of a specific trade, and a clear “Action to Take”. 

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